In this case the who is your pet! In most cases, this is a dog, but I have experience photographing other animals as well. Humans are free to, and encouraged to be in the photos with their pets, but here at Memphis Mutts Pet Photography, we have no hesitations in saying the focus of our sessions is on the pet instead of the human.

Memphis Mutts is not meant to be a derogatory name or a discriminatory one. Purebred and mix breed dogs are more than welcome as well as cats and horses. I love taking photos of new and unusual animals, so if your family member is of a different sort, call or email me to see if something can be arranged.

Memphis Mutts Pet Photography is a photography service which specializes in animals. This means that I have the knowledge on how to handle animals who are uncomfortable and bring them out of their shell to capture beautiful moments you'll be happy to have framed on your wall for years to come.

Schedule your session today! Sessions must occur during daylight hours but can take place during any season. If the weather has decided to misbehave (such as tornadoes threatening to move Memphis to a new section of the country, or rain) then session dates can be changed at no cost.

Memphis Mutts is of course located in Memphis, but to clear up any confusion, that would be Memphis, TN. And if you are inside a thirty mile radius of Memphis then there is no extra cost for a session. Memphis Mutts Pet Photography comes to you and does not take place in a studio. Pictures are taken in natural environments of the owner's choice (depending on the session package chosen), from the home to cotton fields, and capture the smiles that take place during our time together to provide pictures that keep the memories alive for a lifetime.

And Why:
I know this city is full of animal lovers, and I have had the pleasure of meeting countless members in this amazing community. Pet photography isn't just about making money it is also about combining my passions and producing something valuable to the buyer that speaks louder than words.

If you are interesting in learning more about the photographer (and her animals), hover over "About" and select from the list.