BarkBoxes and Bello Birthdays

23rd August 2013
Yesterday the dogs recieved their monthly BarkBox, which they have been getting for three months. Originally they started getting them because I left for Germany and well, who was going to buy them toys they don't need and treats they really want? No one that's who! So their first box came while I was out of country to let them know I still loved them (though it probably seemed like my mom loved them since she opened it, and gave them everything inside).

So what is a BarkBox? Well its a monthly box that you get filled with toys and treats and other things. It's a bit like Russian Roulette since you don't know what you are getting in it (that's part of the fun in my opinion), but you do know the products inside are of high quality and typically American made. Typically there are around five items inside. It depends on the size, there might be more, there might be less.

Admittedly this post has an ulterior motive (though, I guess it doesn't if I TELL you). You see, if I can convince people to sign them up and get them for their own dog, then I can earn a free box, so if you decide you want one use this here link:

That link gets you five dollars off your subscription and earns Brittany and Bello a free box (THINK OF THE DOGS!). And because I'm being nice, if your dogs are BarkBox recievers, feel free to comment and leave YOUR link which people can use to get YOU a free box as opposed to me. Afterall, some might read this post and be like "Dang it Erica, now I want a box, but I'm mad at you for making me want one so I don't want to support you and your evilness!" Well, you can scroll down and help someone else out give them a free box and still get five dollars off (and I'll just cry). You don't have to be a past customer to comment, I won't harrass you to do a session with me (though you should, I would love to meet your pets, they don't even need to be dogs, I love all animals!), just niceness.

So on to the pictures to convince you to get a BarkBox... er... show you how cool they are:
I'm always excited to see them on the porch!

And the dogs are not typically excited by them because honestly, we get a lot of packages and they haven't learned yet that these are specifically for them. But that doesn't mean I can't make it look like they are excited and send them to sniff it!

So you open the box and there is a card that lists the places the things inside came from so you can purchase more from the select companies if you so choose, and normally some writing from the BarkBox company that in all honesty I don't read. I do save the cards though incase I want to purchase more from the companies.

AND UNDER THAT CARD is a bunch of stuff that when you move it around you wonder how the people of BarkBox managed to fit all in and you realize they must be expert tetris players.

So first was this dolphin which floats and is meant for playing in water (hence, a dolphin) but also has squeakers in it for the non swimming dogs and s ball in rope inside, which you can feel and see if your dogs destroy the toy, Britt and Bello have yet to do that (mainly because I keep water toys in protective custody). This toy is pretty awesome and when I was at Hollywood Feed yesterday they were selling them for $11.99. This is where I inform you that BarkBoxes are a good deal (when you go with six month subscription at least) because you all this stuff SHIPPED to your house for only $19.99 a month. And just this toy would have cost me over half that price, and we are only at one item. Anyway, this is from Aussie Naturals dog toys if you would like one of your own.

And then there are dog treats, which I was actually planning to buy because Britt and Bello had never had them before and they are spoiled like that. Luckily the box came before I went to Hollywood Feed and bought them myself.
Plato Pet Treats

And MORE DOG TREATS. These are freeze dried turkey liver. I don't know if you have ever bought freeze dried dog treats, but I have and they are expensive. The dogs and I had fun training last night using them. No new tricks though(we will be working on some new tricks later once I finish this post). They loved them and wished they could get them for free. NOPE those are for training only. Sorry dogs.
Primal Pet Treats

And some stuff you sprinkle on your dog's food to make them want to eat it. It is made out of ground up bully sticks. Bully sticks are awesome and something I buy on occasion for Brittany and Bello (you'll see Bello chewing on a non-ground up one later). It will take us awhile to get through this because the dogs don't eat kibble, they eat raw, and don't honestly need much encouragement to eat (in fact this would probably distract Bello and he would NOT eat). Who knows, we might use it for training as well. You see Britt carrying a cat toy. When she's excited I'm home she picks up a toy and won't put it down until someone takes it from her. She doesn't want to play fetch though. And I'm not kidding about taking it from her. She's held a toy in her mouth for over an hour because I occasionally perform experiments. ;)

A little packet of freeze dried stuff that you put water in and can freeze to make popsicles or can give as a hot broth.
The Honest Kitchen

Unfortunately there is no NeighBox or MeowBox or ChirpBox or anything like that. BarkBox is biased towards dogs. But, if you have cats they can have fun as well. You know... cats and boxes... and I have four cats. The box is almost always left out for a week after getting it so the cats can all enjoy it in their cat like way.
Storm was the first in the box.

And Sammy came up to help him.

And Sabrina being the queen of the BarkBox.

And a picture of Sabastian who did lay in the box, but I didn't get a picture of him. And yeah, for those that don't know, all the cats are black and have S names on purpose (and so is the misspelling of Sabastian). We aren't superstitious at my house.

So yeah, this is your BarkBoxes are awesome post and you should get one using this here link:
Or if anyone posts some in the comments, use there link (no use mine).

But wait, there's more! Not about BarkBox, but there is a second part to the title "and Bello Birthdays." IT'S BELLO'S BIRTHDAY. Well actually it is his gotcha day. Three years ago today I adopted him from Waverly Animal Shelter. He was around 8 months old and had been at the shelter for over a month. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Such a pretty and awesomely behaved dog was in the shelter for a MONTH.

We didn't do much for his Gotchaday. He got some presents, and ate some stuff, and eventually I will take him for a walk (which I would do regardless of his birthday) and do some training because Bello likes training. Oh and I took him to Taco Bell and shared a LITTLE bit with him. I would have brought him to a park, but we went to the park yesterday to play with the dolphin toy and a ChuckIt! Water Skimmer that I bought. The water skimmer is actually pretty awesome (and off topic). I loved it. It goes so far. SKIMS RIGHT ACROSS THAT WATER. And... Brittany would lose sight of it. She follows the splash of things she fetches (she's a waterholic) and would swim out to the orignal place the skimmer hit the water but wouldn't see it. It didn't help that it was close to dark and eventually she really did lose it and there was nothing I could do to get her going the right direction, it went further than all the others and I couldn't throw anything far enough out to get her to go to it (that's my normal trick, throw a rock by the lost toy and she'll see the toy and get it). So we had to leave it in the middle of the lake and return at 1 a.m. where it had finally floated to the edge of the lake and I could get it out. Its a cool toy though, just make sure you are somewhere where YOU can swim to get it if the dog loses it. So back on topic now, Bello actually went to the park twice yesterday. No park today because of it. I'm sick of the park.

Here is Bello with his haul. Chewing on a bully stick, with two toys he thought were boring (typical), some Orijen dog food (which I use as dog treats, and Bello loves since he doesn't get it for meals) and some Orijen freeze dried dog treats.

He (and Brittany) also got that freeze dried mix packet thing. I mixed it up, put a peice of freeze dried liver on top, and sprinkled the ground bully stick on it. They liked that (for the most part).

And then they both got dinner, I put some Orijen kibble on their food and the ground bully stick. You know most dogs would think that giant chunk of meat was the prize of the day, but Bello ate that last and acted like I was horrible person for not giving him all dog food. I swear. SORRY I GAVE YOU 10 OUNCES OF BEEF BELLO.

So that's the end of this blog post that seemed to be nothing but endorsement for products that aren't mine. Tomorrow your regurarly scheduled programming will return (on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page) featuring adorable pictures of Womack the six month old Boxer puppy! Until tomorrow here's a picture a Sabastian and Sabrina playing with the bag I got Bello's toys in.

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