I met Bravo on June 18, 2015. My friend, Shellee, who lived in the country posted on Facebook she had a bunch of dogs dumped at her house. Being dog obsessed, I was compelled to go visit her (and also some of them were puppies, so you know...) and meet the current guests along with bring an extra kennel to her. When I got to her house there were three German Shorthair Pointer puppies and an adult female beagle. We went to the neighbors to make sure this weren't just loose dogs, all saying no. The puppies all looked wormy so we headed over to Hollywood Feed to pick up some dewormer. When we returned a neighbor had caught another member of the loose dogs. Enter Bravo.

When I saw Bravo I immediately said "Oh crap. That's a Jack Russell. I can't leave him here. I'mma take you home dog." He was incredibly friendly and was happy to say hello. I sarcastically called him Shy Guy because he was so outgoing. I left "Shy Guy" with Shellee, but she brought him by my house the next day to be sure he'd get along with Brittany and Bello as well as my cats. He did. In fact Brittany who typically hates other dogs seemed to like him immediately, and Bello who can be a bit iffy actually chased Britt by accident thinking he was seeing the new guy. On June 22nd, he came to my house to as a "foster" since you see this page under about... you can probably guess how that fostering happened. I asked for suggestions on Facebook for a new name and eventually decided I liked the name Bravo, so we could ditch the name Shy Guy.

I took Bravo to the vet for a check-up and it turned out he had heartworms and whipwormss. When I took him back in to get better bloodwork done (to double check the heartworms) we also discovered he had a urinary tract infection (once that cleared up, he had zero accidents in the house, he'd peed a few times before, but not enough to assume it was a UTI). I was already falling in love with the little dog, but had some doubts on keeping him. I'd been wanting a dog to do tricks and agility with which I knew he'd be capable of, but I also wanted a dog that was confident and willing to adventure without question. Despite Bravo's confidence when we first met, when he came to my house he became quite shy and nervous. I decided I would keep him until his heartworm treatment was finished. That's three months. My typical philosophy when fostering is to find them a home as soon as possible (that will continue treatments needed) so they don't get attached to me.

I'm not sure when I made the decision to keep him forever, but I found myself buying him fancy leather dog collars and tags with witty sayings before his heartworm treatment was done. Bravo went on road trips with Britt, Bello, and I to visit family in Illinois and Kansas. He got along fabulously with the other dogs, and stayed loose in strange homes without problem. I spent over a 1,000 dollars on Bravo despite being "free" from the streets to kill the heartworms. After having to keep him kenneled from three months straight I get even more frustrated when I hear people saying they don't give heartworm preventative. Here in the south, that is just too risky to be justified, and the expense and permanent heart damage it does is not worth it.

Today Bravo loves to nuzzle onto laps and is really good at making people admit they like him. Admittedly, despite his terrier looks, he doesn't have as much of the terrier attitude as Brittany does. He loves other dogs, even strange ones, he's rather quiet, he actually likes playing fetch, and he loves people. He enjoys going to the Shelby Farms Dog Park and saying hello to strangers while there (and sometimes ditching me to "join" new families). He loves playing with Saxon (a kitten I found in December 2016), Brittany, Bello, and me. He sleeps every night curled up on the right side of my chest and doesn't move the whole night. He learned to play tug and now it is one of his favorite games. Together we've been learning about agility and while we aren't great yet, hopefully one day we'll compete. He's learned several tricks including complex ones such as jumping in my arms, doing a handstand, and balancing on my feet while they are in the air. While Bravo wasn't what I was expecting for my third dog, I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Bravo the first day I met him. Look how rough his coat was. The beagle and nearly all brown German Shorthair Pointer found homes. Unfortunately the other two puppies contracted parvo and passed away.

Bravo in a fancy leather dog collar, finally off heartworm treatment.

Sunset at Shelby Farms Dog Park.

Four shots of Bravo running full speed off leash, all together to show his stride.