Brittany is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix who came into my life on April 1, 2004 at nine weeks old. She was supposedly going to be the "family" dog, but I think everyone knew by the end of that week that she was really "Erica's" dog. I never lost interest in her as we both aged as so many kids do. At 14 I took over the responsibility of buying her dog food. At 17 I took over all monetary aspects of her life. At 18, when one can legally own an animal, I told my parents to accept what we all knew, that she was my dog. As my childhood dog ages with every passing year, I am thankful for the photographs that document her life. Every picture evokes memories from the blurry ones of her puppyhood taken with my first camera to the pictures I have now with my DSLR and pro lenses.

Brittany has made me a terrier lover. She's a stubborn dog with attitude in every fiber of her being. She drives me crazy, and for some reason I love this. Every command given is nothing more than a suggestion. Everything deserves to be barked at, including the wind whistling through the door. While she's driving me nuts, she's also striving to be with me at all possible moments. From tubing out on the lake to four wheeling with my cousins, she's game for just about anything I am (just PLEASE don't let it involve the sound of gun shots, thunder, or fireworks). She is always by my side. She doesn't like strangers. And because of how she acts towards strangers, people can never understand how I love her so completely and utterly, how I can prefer to be around her rather than people (but if you are looking for pet photography, I assume YOU can understand). She doesn't like other dogs. She tries to kill any small mammals. About the one thing she does like is cats thanks to always having at least three cats in her life to beat her up.

Brittany is devoted to me and is trustworthy off leash the vast majority of the time. She loves squirrels, attacking the water hose, hunting in the country side, swimming, and clicker training. I regret that I didn't start the clicker training phase of her life until she was nearly seven years old. Her face lights up when I grab the treats and we start training. I had originally started clicker training so that I could help Bello, but Brittany quickly took over the show with her intelligence and excitement. Tail wagging and giant smile across her face, our bond has definitely strengthened and so has her obedience. For seven years she has been dog aggressive, and it wasn't until I noticed it was rubbing off on Bello that I decided to do anything about it. In under a month she quit barking at every dog she hears, and if she saw a dog in person within two barks she resumed walking. Unfortunately, I keep being lazy and letting her regress back and forth.

Brittany has been what I refer to as my guinea pig dog. We didn't socialize her as a puppy which is why she has so many issues. When she was young she ate Ol' Roy Moist and Meaty until she quit eating it and decided to starve instead. So then she lived off cat food and wet dog food from Aldi's. When I started doing research on dog food, I switched her food around often from Orijen to Wellness Core. In Novemeber 2010 I switched her to prey model raw. Do research if you decide to feed it, but for Brittany, she's never loved food so much.

A puppy photo of Brittany.