Foster Home FOUND For Still Nursing Kittens

28th August 2012
-these little jewels luckily found someone with experience raising a little of nursing babies, i don't know if i will be able to get updated photos, but i'm happy for them, now you may continue to the blog post before they had a place to go-

Fostering is complete with six, two week old kittens. Mother not included.

And now you see the problem. Some jerk dumped out a litter of kittens in a parking lot. Unfortunately that litter of kittens is not old enough to eat dry food and still needs to be nursed, which means getting up about every 1-2 hours to bottle feed them and then wiping their hind ends to encourage them to go to the bathroom. My friend, Shellee, was called to help and she went and got them since the alternative was more or less leaving them there since the shelter said they don't take nursing kittens. The problem is that despite my friend's attempt to help, she is a full time college student with a job, leaving her away from home more than she is there, and making it nearly impossible to feed them as much as required. So she's contacting rescues, and I'm trying my hardest to help her out. So if you could find it in your heart to say yes, I accept the challange of bottle feeding a litter of kittens, that would be awesome. Because right now, life isn't looking to awesome for them. Humans got them into this mess. Come on people. Don't try and convince me to loose faith in humanity. Help me out. Prove that people are decent.

"But Erica" you yell at your computer, "why don't YOU take them?"

I would. Believe me. But I am in nearly the same boat as her. Full time college student with a job. There is also the added fun time bonus that both of us still live at home with parents who want to strangle us every time we bring home a stray animal. And yeah. The two of us are those children that bring them home regardless of the consequences. But this time, the problem is ability. And neither of us have that.

So please, look at these pictures, and know that they need someone to desperately help them.

These pictures aren't the best quality, and my typical rule is not to show my crappy photos where lighting wasn't ideal. But I'm trying to show you the adorablness that is these kittens, so that your knees weaken and you can't resist raising them. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE BLACK SPOTS.

Thanks for looking, and if you know anyone willing to take them the please share this with them. And even if you don't still consider sharing on facebook.

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