Frazier and Belle - The Second Session

20th July 2014
You've met Frazier and Belle before, (unless you're new, and then you haven't, but WELCOME!) but to recap, they are two adorable Bichons. Frazier is the bigger dude with a pink nose and tail that curls over his back. Belle is the little girl with the black nose and less curled tail. This session was at my favorite little park in Lakeland. This time around features more green and longer hair. :) Here's a link to their last blog post where we had their session at Shelby Farms: link like I promised

We had our session at around 9 in the morning. Frazier and Belle were excited by where we were at and since it was early and Easter morning, I don't think we saw a single person at the park.

We stopped for some posing in the long grass, but since Frazier and Belle are on the short side of the dog scale, we stayed on the outside of it for our pictures.

Frazier enjoyed running around off leash. And here is my photographic proof of that. Look at that smile.

We stopped for some posing and well, what was going to be the out take turned into an actual final photo since it made me laugh. Don't worry, I included the posed photo without the yawning in boredom and licking of lips (I think Belle was waiting for a treat for her posing) in the final gallery.

We then did some posing on the picnic bench.

They even posed together since together they weighed less than 20 pounds. "What does weight have to do with posing together, Erica?" Well it makes it easy to get them to pose together on the picnic table without them jostling for room, that's what it has to do with it. ;)

Belle stopped for a photo in the moss that grows on the ground. She's pretty cute. And I don't think I'm biased. She was excited to get treats and willing to pose. Whenever I tried to get Frazier to pose, Belle would come and steal his treat since he didn't eat them fast enough. Looking at this innocent face you wouldn't think she was a thief.

And now it is time for the last photo of the blog post and of their session. Look at how cute they are! Small dogs have the benefit of being able to pose on cool things together.

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