Frazier and Belle

03rd April 2014
So this blog post is devoted to two little adorable Bichons by the name of Frazier and Belle. Frazier was nine pounds and little Belle was weighing in at a tad under seven giving her the title of "THE SMALLEST DOG PHOTOGRAPHED BY MEMPHIS MUTTS PET PHOTOGRAPHY." Which is a pretty cool title to have. We met for our session at Shelby Farms and "unfortunately" the weather was super nice so there were a lot of people there, but we managed to get some awesome pictures of the pair anyway. Short introduction is short, so you know what that means?

When we first started taking pictures of Frazier and Belle I said that I wasn't sure I could tell them apart. When they were together, sure it was easy! Frazier was bigger, but what about when they were seperate? Well Frazier and Belle's owners told me it was easy even when they are seperate. Frazier had the pink nose and the tail that curled completely over his back while Belle had a black nose and less curly tail.

TIME FOR AN IMMEDIATE TEST. Which dog is this?

And who is this?

I'm going to be cruel and not tell you the answer. :) Sorry. Other cool things about Frazier and Belle? They have super white faces, which I also commented on. Look at how bright white Frazier's face is (and his smile too)!

Their owner told me that she quit giving them tap water and the stains around their mouth went away, so if you have a white faced bearded dog who has issues with stains, it might be worth a shot, at least it worked for Belle here!

Once we had taken several pictures in the pine needles we started walking back while trying to avoid the people, but get some different backgrounds. So Frazier and Belle posed on this bench that people like to carve names into and stuff.

They also did some posing next to the lake. Luckily, neither of the adorable white fluffy cloud like dogs wanted to go for a swim and get dirty, and they were content to pose next to the lake instead. First up was Frazier who was pretty sure he understood how this whole posing thing worked.

But Belle who had spent most of the session working me to get treats from me, and when she failed, taking them from Frazier was sure she could do it better.

They were both awesome and I loved photographing them. Fortunately for you all, you'll probably get to see these adorable faces again as I should be having another session with them soon. :) So this is the end of their blog post... Or is it?


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