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21st October 2012
He was in need of a foster home, ended up his foster was his permanent home. Or even better a permanent home. For anyone that has read every blog post I've written (or at least the first one) you have seen a picture of Jinx. And Jinx is the subject of this blog post.

Jinx is a male chow mix that all the way back in mid February was dumped outside in Arlington, TN along with his two sisters. He's the one in focus, and his two sisters in the background, Paint and Feather.

I live in Bartlett, but stumbled upon the trio when I was headed to a friend's surprise party. I wanted to help them, but then forgot about them in the swing of school and what not. My friend reminded me about them being out there, so on February 29th, armed with treats, a camera, and two friends we went out there to gain trust and hopefully get them into a rescue. We listed them on Craigslist and continued for the next week to feed them treats. Slowly but surely we were able to touch them all. Jinx was the slowest to come around. It wasn't his fault, unlike his sisters he was injured and couldn't dash away in a hurry if we tried anything funny, like attempting to catch him.

He made sure to keep a healthy distance away from us, and while Paint and Feather would more or less stay with us the entire time we were there, Jinx would stick around for about ten minutes, and then go off on his own.

He often guarded the food and water that neighbor's left for the trio. Which originally made me not like him. I felt like he was mean. Now I realize that it was because of how easily Paint and Feather could shove him out of the way with his injured leg. He answered it with aggression. And even then, his sisters still weighed more than him.

He often looked like he was upset, but more than likely this was from the pain of his leg. I still have no idea what happened to him. I have a feeling he was hit by a car, but it is nothing more than a guess.

On March 4th, I went out to visit them on the weekend and got news from the pastor of the church they were located at, that Memphis Animal Services had been called to come get them. I feel most of us know that MAS is NOT a place for three very nervous dogs to stand a chance of getting adopted. I wanted to throw up at that news. I feared that they would be part of the 70% of animals killed every year, and who knows what abuse they would have suffered in the mean time.

Low and behold MAS came out on March 5th, luckily while we were out handing out treats to our trio of new canine friends. Everyone was close to us, including Jinx. They gave us until the next afternoon to catch the Paint, Feather, and Jinx. We managed to catch Feather, and it was with fear in out hearts that we left Paint and Jinx. MAS set up a live trap on March 7th. Paint couldn't resist the urge to grab the food inside and became trapped on March 8th. Luckily for her, my friend realized she was in it, and called me. I then had the sisters, but no Jinx, who was sly and a quick learner. On Friday (March 9th) I went out to visit Jinx, and to my horror he was missing, and the live trap was gone. So to MAS I went. No Jinx. They mentioned he could still be on the truck, or somewhere not seen.

Luckily that night, my friend who lived out there texted me and told me he had seen Jinx. My hands were full with Paint and Feather, and I struggled to keep making trips out to see Jinx, often times I came out for about ten minutes, dumped him some food, talked to him a bit, and then raced off for home. Luckily Jinx had plenty of people feeding him, so I didn't fear missing a day or two.

His leg healed up, and he was happy when I showed up, wagging his tail and doing a little dance around my car, but never getting close enough for me to touch him.

He gained weight, and actually went to being a bit overweight. All wonderful news.

I finally found a rescue willing to take Paint and Feather in Missouri:SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance. They were set to take the girls on April 22nd, and were willing to take Jinx too... if I could catch him. So that weekend before they left I took the girls out to see their brother. Paint and Feather were so awesome, that they had gone from untouchable to trustworthy offleash in just under two months. I can say that it brought tears to my eyes seeing the family back together. Jinx was so happy and was running and playing with them. He also started getting close to me again, thanks to his sisters coming to me continually for the affection that they always craved. I had a large kennel that the awesome Leslie Cox let me borrow, that Paint and Feather had been staying in, but was to be used to catch Jinx, armed with that kennel and food I set it up in the middle of the church parking lot and hoped Jinx would go in. Paint and Feather went in. The one time Jinx got near it, in the hours I was out there for two days, Paint tripped over a string holding the door wide open, causing it to swing towards Jinx, and freak him out.

I cried, I cussed, I swore, when I finally called it quits and took Paint and Feather back home and had to admit defeat AGAIN. Jinx was so upset seeing his sisters leave. He ran around my car, as I put them up, and in a final chance of hope, I opened the door for him, hoping with all my heart he would jump in. A quick glance over to your scroll bar, will reveal that this story is no where near over, and the answer was NO. He did not jump in my car. All I can say is I was happy he got to see his sisters one last time.

So with Paint and Feather gone, my life got a bit easier, I still went out to see Jinx, but no where near as often as when they were all out there. Leslie allowed me to put her kennel out there for Jinx with a tarp over it as a form of shelter, and whenever I came out to see him, I put his food in it just trying to get him used to going into the kennel, so that if I ever found a rescue or home willing to take Jinx, he would be used to the kennel this time around. Unfortunately, my ability to catch him and foster him ended so he continued living outside.

He lived in the woods, where his kennel was. He had a path worn into the ground that I could follow, but you had to know it was there. During his time in the woods, he got attacked by something that left him bloody and me once again worried about him. I reminded him, that if he would let me touch him, I could have cleaned his wounds. But once again, he healed up on his own.

Jinx and the entrance to his path in the woods:

He got fed probably better than most dogs. When I visited he got cheeseburgers, fries, and cheese sticks. The many neighbors in the area brought him dog food, and left overs such as pancakes. Its no wonder he became over weight. ;D It wasn't the healthiest, but I can't say he wasn't loved by a lot of people, and they all worried about him. I think that was part of the reason when in April I struggled to catch him, he didn't have to worry about going hungry because so MANY people fed him. He didn't depend on the trap for food.

As summer kicked in (Yeah, he was out there for that long) I slowly visited less and less. From once a week. To every two weeks, and then a few stints of every three weeks. Going out there more or less, just to make sure he wasn't loosing weight, meaning people had stopped feeding him. In that time zone he started wandering a bit, when before he had NEVER left the church.

(from here on out, the pictures are not mine and belong to his foster mom Whitney)
Leslie came out because she needed her kennel back (and I had stupidly and rudely not kept her up to date on what was going on with him) and realized he was still there. Leslie managed to catch him in a live trap in the beginning of September at 12:30 in the morning. After 7 months of living outside, Jinx finally got to sleep indoors. Though I can't say he was thrilled about it.

Jinx in the trap:

Jinx at the vet's office, where he was given a clean bill of health. He had managed to not get heartworms, had bloodwork done, was given all of his shots, and finally neutered. Understandably, the poor boy was terrified. But he never acted aggressively, he just shut down and accepted it.

So after that wonderful news he went home to his foster mom, around September 3rd. Whitney was only supposed to be a short term foster home while she looked for a long term foster or forever home. She posted pictures of him online. At first in his pictures he was timid, but slowly he appeared to come out of his shell.

He even got along with both of her dogs perfectly. In fact the presence of other dogs made him feel safer.

As time wore on, and still no one was having any interest in Jinx, the opportunity came along for Jinx to go on TV, which ideally would have boosted his chances at getting adopted.

Jinx on the set of Good Morning Memphis:

A link to Jinx's TV premier.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that he is awesome with other dogs, has had very few accidents becoming an inside dog, up to date on shots, neutered, heartworm negative, a good size at around 45 pounds, and not aggressive at all, no one has been interested in him. Jinx is really in need of a long term foster home or forever home. I understand completely why Whitney can't keep him and never meant to have him for as long as she has now had him. She was helping an unwanted dog, and with him at her house it is making life more difficult for her. So if you think you can open up your heart to a dog that has been through more than most, and all he needs is a little time to become the lover he is to those he knows well, please contact Whitney at: deleted

Info about Jinx according to Whitney:
"No aggression whatsoever, even at the vet's office. At first we had to carry him everywhere because when you would leash him he would freeze up. Now you can leash him and he will move some. He will dart off a short distance while on the leash then stop, then dart off's a big improvement from when we first got him. Literally had to carry him everywhere when trying to get him to move somewhere. When you pick him up he just freezes up and lets you carry him. Despite being shy and not leash trained yet, he is by far the easiest dog that I have ever cared for. I can put a harness on him too, which requires me to lift one of his legs up to put it through the loop and he does fine with that too.

I have a large crate/kennel that he likes to sleep in. I took the door off of it and draped a sheet over the top of it to cover the sides and back, so it is nice and dark in there. I think he feels safe in there. I don't close him in there, just let him go in and out as he pleases. He spends a lot of time in there. He likes to have his rawhide bone in there with him.

He is really shy and quiet (has not barked once since I've had him), He is submissive, does better when he is around other dogs, so really needs to go to a home that has dogs

He is house broken; has had no accidents in house. He needs an owner who is willing to continue his training (leash, etc).

I think he would do fine with kids, but it would probably be best for him to go to a home without multiple young children because kids trying to pet on him and squeeze him or getting really excited around him might overwhelm him."

He was on the news in Memphis and he did great in the studio. You could tell he was shy and unsure about everything going on around him; but, he let everyone (news anchors, weatherman, camera guys, etc.) pet him and love on him."

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