Jackie and Juno

11th July 2014
It has been months since I did a blog post. Bad job me! But I'm going to correct that, and I have more than a few backed up that I need to tell you lovely people about. Why do I do blog posts? Because when I share on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page you normally only get a few pictures and my space for writing about the lovely dogs I've photographed is limited. BUT HERE ON MY WEBSITE... I get to ramble as much as I want and you're trapped... HAHA. Not really, but I do love telling you about the dogs I've photographed. During sessions I ask about 80 million questions about the dogs I'm photographing because I'm genuinely interested and love learning about them. So for this session from April starring the gorgeous Jackie and Juno. Who were owned by the lovely couple Josh and Jamie. And while the J's weren't done on purpose (I asked), in my head I ended up calling them the J family.

The lovely "J family." Josh and Jamie had just gotten married before our session around a week or so before. Jackie is the German Shepherd looking girl. Juno is the tan muscle girl.

We had our session at my favorite little park in Lakeland. I was warned that Juno probably would bark at me at first... which she did. But she quickly decided I was okay and that this park was a blast.

Jamie gave me a few ideas of what she wanted to capture in the photographs. One of those things was Juno and her love of jumping through long grass. Juno, of course, was thrilled when she saw the long grass and jumped through it with little encouragement (although the squeaky toys did help keep her going).

After the girls had their fill of fun and I probably lost a toy in the long grass (happens a lot...) we headed back towards the lake and did another family photo.

I made sure to get my favorite photo from above that I nearly always do with Ms. Juno.

I know, I know, you were getting worried. "Erica, Juno is one PRETTY lady, but what about Jackie!?" Have no fear, I took plenty of photos of her as well. See. Proof!

Josh and Jamie both work at (I think) a retirement home (I think, something close to that I know!) and Jackie occasionally gets to go with them and be a therapy dog. She's calm and loving and the people she meets are always thrilled to see her. Which I could see why. I love dogs, and Jackie was pretty awesome even past my standard love of dogs. Here she is showing how good she is at "shake."

I wasn't sure if Josh and Jamie had started their relationship with each of them with their own dog, so I asked if they might want a photo of them with their "favorite" dog. Jamie and Josh adopted the girls together, but they each had their favorite although it just barely showed. Josh was a bigger fan of Juno since she's a rough and tumble kind of girl, and Jackie was Jamie's probably because she isn't. ;) And in case you were wondering, both girls came from the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.

Once we got onto the wooded path we stopped for some more posing. We were trying to get Juno and Jackie to sit near each other, and I managed to get this shot of Juno catching one of her treats for trying to do what we wanted.

Jackie and Juno liked roaming ahead and working their way back to us slow humans. Here's Jackie proving that I am, in fact, not a liar. :)

As always, I'm terrible at endings. So here's a picture of Jackie's beautiful amber colored eyes. And her perfect brown and tan markings on her face.

I had a wonderful session with Jackie, Juno, Jamie, and Josh and am thrilled that I got to meet all of them. Hopefully my next blog post won't take a couple of months!

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