Jazzee and Mayhem

09th April 2013
I hope you like black and tan because there is a whole lot of it coming your way. In this edition (because blogs now come in "editions") the Memphis Mutts blog is devoted to two gorgeous Rottweilers who go by the names of (take a moment to guess)... JAZZEE AND MAYHEM. It might have been a bit difficult to guess. The title did not give it away or anything. I met Jazzee and Mayhem on March 28th. We originally had to cancel because Miss Jazzee slightly injured her face, and her owner, Kacee, was worried about it not looking too great for the photos, and Jazzee wasn't feeling to well because of it either. A few days later, she was looking good and feeling great. So we met at the Atoka Ball Park (which I think has a different name, has an old train car in front of it, for you Atokans, that might know what I'm talking about), and went exploring through the woods taking pictures as we went. The cool thing about the woods is that it has two meadows (ish) in it, that make for a nice variety of pictures. So you get woods, the wheaty looking grass (that probably has a more scientific name then the aforementioned), and some green grass that may or may not be flowering. Jazzee and Mayhem had fun, although by the end of our session they were happy to get some water at the car. They were probably also harboring some dreams of a nice long nap as well.

So without further rambling (which if you are new to the blog, I do that to give the pictures time to load)... ON TO THE PICTURES!

First up is Mayhem:

We managed to convince Mayhem to jump over this log for our amusement and photo evidence. Jazzee did not think we humans had brilliant plans and decided under was better than over.

And then Mayhem, continuing on his braveness, stood on this bridge, which if I had a full picture of the state of this bridge, you would know why that made him brave. But I don't. So just trust me when I say he was brave, and that Kacee, Jazzee, and I refused to set foot on it.

Mayhem was quite hot at this point in our walk. It was the furthest point that we walked, and after this we got to turn around and head back. And that would be Jazzee making a guest appearance.

Jazzee and Mayhem are actually pretty close to each other and were constantly showing up in each other's pictures. Whoever was supposed to be in focus, in most cases the other happened to have a leg, butt, nose, head, paw, etc in the picture.

And here are their two cute butts together. For those on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page, I let you guess on who was who, for those curious of the answer (if you aren't on the Facebook page, have I mentioned yet that you should be?) Jazzee is on the left. She's got the longer tail of the two. ;)

Jazzee showing you another example of her tail for comparison.

And now for one of her pretty face.

On our way back to our vehicles, Jazzee was constantly turning around to make sure Kacee was still with us. She was on a 25 foot long line, but had to check and make sure her girl was still following. And in the event that she wasn't, then Jazzee would adjust herself accordingly so she was heading Kacee's direction.

And if her love isn't apparent in that picture, than the fact that Jazzee likes to seal her love with a Rottweiler sized hug should make it clear.

As we near the end of our photographic journey, I leave you with a before and after, Jazzee still being the star.

It was a pleasure to meet you Jazzee and Mayhem, and you too Kacee! Your pair are an awesome representative of the Rottweiler breed and could convert even the most hell bent breed specific legislation supporter. Seriously people should be jealous that I got to meet them and they haven't.

Memphis Mutts donates 10% of all purchases to a rescue of your choice. Mayhem was adopted from Midsouth Animal Rescue League, and that is who this sessions 10% will be going to once all purchases have been made. And don't forget to like their Facebook page! If this post has inspired you to get a Rottie of your own, check out Midsouth Animal Rescue League. They always seem to have a couple on hand who could use a good forever home.

P.S. Did anybody realize that Mayhem and Brittany have the same Lupine collars? Mayhem wears his much better. For one, he actually is quite peaceful, unlike a certain Jack Russell I own who thinks it is her mission in life to bark at every gust of wind about a hundred times before settling down. Mayhem would prefer to have his butt scratched.

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