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Wanting to know what it is like to have a session with Memphis Mutts Pet Photography? These are all the blog posts devoted to past clients, showing their session, and the photos they recieved from them! Check it out and use the contact page to set up a session today!
Womack - Ten Month Old Edition
23rd March 2014 - 0 comments
Womack was ten months old when these photos were taken back at the beginning of January! Can you believe it?! He's getting so big, but is just as goofy and adorable as ever. Who's Womack some of you are asking? Well he's just this fantastic dude of a boxer that is helping me experiment with a soon to be new session deal aimed at young animals such as puppies, kittens, and foals (or any other young animal) so that you can capture those moments when they are young. And boy, do they grow up quick! I originally photographed Winston and Lola for Ashley. And when Ashley got a new family member by the name of Womack she informed me she wasn't sure if she wanted to get a session while he was young or when he was fully grown. You can read that more onWomack's six month old session blog post. You should definitely look through Womack's first session so you can more easily compare how much he has grown. Anyway, we made a deal so I could experiment and here we are again at 10 months old. After this session there is one more to go and Winston should be part of the final session as well. So how about some pictures of the slightly grown Womack?!

We met down by the river. And got some pictures of Womack posing right off the bat.

While we headed towards where the best view of the pyramid is. On our way there we of course let the funny brindle boy play some.

And he even learned to fly.

He played and ran until he was worn out and had me worn out from making me laugh when at one point he decided he just needed to run in circles over and over while swinging the toy in his mouth.

It didn't take too long and we finally arrived where the pyramid is best seen. I've mentioned it before in past blog posts, but they are building around the pyramid which greatly upsets me. Apparently it is a new condo place, and when it is done the best place for these pictures will be out of commission. Currently there is just an ugly fence, but for right now, I'm still capable of getting rid of that fence with editing.

So we took a few photos there, but Womack was a pro in that moment so while it takes some time to walk there, he made it seem like it almost wasn't even worth the walk. I told him that the dogs who are the best posers actually end up with less treats since it takes fewer tries to get a decent photo. :) And we headed back to the completely opposite direction, stopping to pose on some driftwood. Womack could have possibly found this slightly boring...

We also got some photos of his big 'ol feet because everyone always comments on the size of feet in big dogs. He's basically grown into them.

We finally reached our next goal which is the gorgeous houses of Mud Island as our backdrop. I originally wanted a photo of Womack sprinting from Jeff to Ashley, but Womack had different ideas. After trying and trying we gave up and headed on towards the next goal. But I did get some great photos of him during our attempt. It wasn't what I was going for, but it produced a photo I love despite it!

I then had Jeff, Ashley, and Womack all pose on some stairs together to show how tall Womack has gotten since his six month session.

And how about a side by side comparison of six month vs. ten month Womack? Not much has changed, but his face has gotten wider.

So we were at the end of our session and walking back to our cars. As we were leaving this adorable little bulldog puppy and her "brother" pug walked up to us and said hello to Womack and everyone. Womack was an awesome boy with her and hopefully gave her a good experience with other dogs so that as she grows up she remembers that other dogs are good. I can't remember how old Gertrude was because I was squeeing with excitement. I just remember how perfect her name was for a bulldog puppy. I snagged a few not good at all photos of the little stranger with Womack.

All in all I had a fantastic session down by the river with Womack, Jeff, and Ashley and can't wait to see you all again for Womack's session at a year and a half!
Hen, Orson, and Lovie
09th March 2014 - 0 comments
A trio! I had Hen, Orson, and Lovie's session WAY back in December, which tells you just how long it has been since I did a blog post. The gorgeous trio was my last session of 2013 which is always a nice claim to have. I posted a picture of Hen and Orson on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page, but totally neglected the beautiful Lovie. So a little about these three awesome dogs before we get to the pictures... Hen is a gorgeous retired racing greyhound who didn't get the memo that greyhounds are supposed to be couch potatoes. Orson is a little poodle who was found on the side of the road and is completely blind. One of his eyes was removed because of how bad it was when he was found and his other eye can't see. Last, but not least (despite my neglecting the pretty girl on Facebook) is Lovie who is a chow mix that was adopted from a shelter, though I can't remember which. She's got a plethora of health problem that make life difficult, but she loves everyone (hence the very fitting name).

We met at Wendy's house and I had quite the list of things to try and capture of all three dogs, but before we could start shooting I was informed there were two things that all first time strangers had to do. One of those was to watch a video of Hen racing before Wendy and her husband adopted her. How did I feel about that? Well clearly I love dogs! And greyhounds are one of my favorites because of how unique they are. I mean, they get to hold the fastest dog record. So did I want to watch a video of this lovely and very soft greyhound running? HELL YEAH, I DID! So Wendy got her husband to find the video and we walked into the living room where the second thing I "had" (I was quite willing, maybe had is the wrong word...) to do was check out some professional photographs she had had done of past dogs. One was a gorgeous greyhound named Henry who was in Jack Kenner's book and was Wendy's first greyhound. Wendy informed me that despite being the same breed Henry and Hen were not the same. Hen has more energy and isn't as laid back. The second picture was of her husband's female rat terrier (who unfortunately I can't remember the name of, but she was a gorgeous little girl). Unfortunately, both had passed away but it was nice getting to meet them through the pictures that are there as memories and hearing about them from the humans who had loved them.

We walked back into the kitchen where the video of Hen racing was ready to be watched. Eight dogs left the gate and were flying after the lure. Hen was in sixth place (maybe fifth, memory is fading, bad me for taking so long to write this!) for most of the race while the first three greyhounds fought to be the fastest. The eight dogs all rounded the last corner and suddenly it was like Hen remembered she had super speed in her back pocket. She punched the button and raced past the already speeding greyhounds in front of her. She sailed into first and crossed the finish line at least a body length in front of everyone else. Wendy called out "Hen wins again!" It was amazing watching her in action. I tried finding the video for you guys to watch it as well, but I couldn't. :( So you'll just have to take my word for how awesome it was watching her.

So after learning about past dogs, watching Hen in action, and meeting Hen, Orson, and Lovie, it was time to take the pictures! And for the blog that means... ON TO THE PICTURES!

Wendy and I decided it would be easier to do the dogs out one at a time for pictures and then come back and get group pictures once they were a bit more worn out and first up was Orson.

On my list of things to capture from the dogs was how Orson constantly likes to look up (think Stevie Wonder) which is apparently something blind dogs do. I wasn't sure what Wendy meant until I met him.

And also a picture of how he runs. I have to say, I'm scared to run even when it is slightly dark out for fear of hitting a hole and falling, the fact that Orson was willing to do so when blind is pretty awesome! He has a funny run which is more spring like.

She also wanted a photo of his remaining eye.

After quite a few photos with Mr. Orson, we returned inside to bring out the gorgeous girl Hen. We broke a rule with Hen and let her offleash since she is pretty good and she took those moments to show us how much she loves to run! And as a greyhound, her run was a complete opposite to Orson's.

I probably could have sat outside all day and photographed her running.

If we had let her she would have probably just kept running, but alas, she wasn't let. So I got a picture of her pretty face.

And then we headed back to the house where I got to see her dance of excitement that we were headed back through the gate to her yard.

Next up was the lovely Lovie.

While shooting, Lovie saw another dog and pulled a border collie and laid down to stare, but when she met the other dog she was friendly.

And we got back to posing.

I mentioned earlier that Lovie has some health problems and because of that she doesn't typically run although she is pretty young. I hate it for her. But she was feeling pretty good during our session and decided she was up for running since she got some delicious treats for it and love at the end.

We then went back inside and fetched Hen and Orson so we could get a family photo. Orson was happy to use his canine sister as a step stool so he could beg for treats easier.

And then we got everyone together for a group photo.

After getting some group photos of everyone we headed back inside for some pictures inside. Where Hen placed herself by the window to check out what was outside and I snagged a picture of her.

One of the pictures Wendy wanted was of Hen's gorgeous collar.

But I'm a self-proclaimed collar whore (I have a problem, I need help, SHUT UP ERICA, NO YOU DON'T NEED HELP. THIS IS AN AWESOME ADDICTION. You see what I go through?) and I absolutely loved all three of their collars, so here is Orson's cool beaded collar.

And Lovie's jade and leather collar.

Wendy also wanted some pictures of Lovie smiling, but she only did it when a neighbor came over, so I laid in wait with Orson at my side while Wendy fetched her neighbor who was willing to help get the picture. We luckily managed to get a few photos despite the fact that Lovie keeps her head pretty low.

By the way, in case anyone was curious, Lovie's smile is called a "submissive grin" in the dog behavior world (not to be confused with a snarl, though they can look similar).

Once we got her smiling pictures Lovie headed out to the garage to lay in the car where she loves to sleep. Thankfully Wendy has an electric car so that the battery doesn't run down (because the car is plugged in! it is pretty awesome).

Apparently even hyper Hen was getting tired.

But Orson was still going strong (and looking good while doing it)!

Unfortunately for Lovie we dragged her back out of the car momentarily to get some photos of her in her chair, as well as a few photos of her adorable toe feathers.

I was done with the photos of Hen, Orson, and Lovie, but because this was the Ultra session, Wendy decided that one of her places she wanted to go was a few minutes down the road where Orson was found. Wendy said he was just sitting there and he was in such bad condition that he had a plant growing from his head. Poor boy. Definitely not the most charming of places to be left. He was originally going to be a foster, but he ended up being a permanent. :)

As well as being the first trio of dogs I've photographed, they also have the honor of being the longest blog post to date, 35 photos on this blog post! And another 25 were shown to Wendy, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Next up is a blog post for Womack.
Cuzco and Quipa
29th December 2013 - 2 comments
So I had the joy of photographing two adorable little mutts by the names of Cuzco and Quipa back in November a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Cuzco is believed to be a pug shih tzu mix and Quipa is a poodle something mix. Both are rescues. I actually do pet sitting through What a Pet Wants pet sitting for Cuzco and Quipa when Carmen has to work late, so I knew them well and had actually photographed them before, just not for an actual session (if you are a good stalker, you can find some photos on the Memphis Mutts page of them from around a year ago). When miss Quipa saw me across the parking lot for our session she started barking like crazy in her excitement and tried to pull Carmen over. I'm pretty sure she harbors some sled dog in her genes. Our session was very cold, well for Memphis anyway, and in the shade there was still frost on the ground despite it being 3:00 p.m. but our location was the same as Jazzee and Mayhem's most recent session. and the pictures were bound to turn out awesome with a gorgeous location and even more gorgeous models.

So with that, ONTO THE PICTURES:
We started our session with some posing in some pine needles. Quipa tried her best with this.

But she was so full of energy and excited to be at the park so we let her do some more running around and headed to the back field of the park.

They also did some dancing for some treats.

Cuzco did some staring...

And Quipa some smiling...

The majority of the time there are very few other people at the park, but Quipa spotted some other dogs and wanted to play with them.

As we headed out of the little forest and into the grass towards the field, Cuzco and Quipa did some more running around, but when Cuzco heard us ask him if he wanted a treat he came running back to us.

And then we finally found the field where Cuzco had to lick his nose in preperation of a treat.

The light was gorgeous as it hit the field and Cuzco and Quipa had no problem sharing the light together.

As we left the field and moved into the shade to continue walking around the lake, Cuzco put his jacket on to stay warm which he looked adorably handsome in.

With Quipa's longer fluffy coat she didn't have any problem handling the cold and continued on exploring like nothing had changed despite leaving the sun and it becoming colder.

As we walked beside the lake some joggers past and Carmen pulled Cuzco and Quipa aside to let them past. It just happened to cause one of my favorite photos since the sun was perfect behind them through the trees. I figured I would put it as a before and after.

Once released from their accidental posing, they went back to sniffing around as we walked.

As we finished our shoot we had Cuzco pose on a picnic bench with the lake behind him in a perfect reflection thanks to a still day.

We turned him around and got the gorgeous fall colors as well.

We had to do the same with Quipa as well.

And although she wasn't a huge fan of being on the picnic bench, she still gave a smile for the camera.

Thank you for an awesome session Carmen, Cuzco, and Quipa. I had a blast photographing them, just like I have in the past. :)
Rudy and Cassidy
15th December 2013 - 0 comments
So a couple of weeks ago I had a session with the awesome Rudy and Cassidy. Rudy is the black mutt and Cassidy is the yellow mutt. Rudy is a ten year old shepherd mix, though he looks like there is some greyhound or something fast mixed in his blood as well, who was adopted in Ohio, and Cassidy was found on the streets by her owners here in Memphis and was fostered by Real Good Dog Rescue until she claimed the prize of "foster failure" and ended up staying for good. She's got terrier blood coursing through her veins. We met at Shelby Farms for our session and it REALLY looked like we were going to have to cancel and reschedule our session. I had already moved the session forward in preperation of cloudy weather making it dark faster, but when I pulled up to meet this lovely pair, the sun began to shine and we got tremendously lucky and had an awesome session with beautiful light. So with the rambling introduction out of the way

First up is a before and after of the lovely pair together. I wasn't expecting the size difference between Rudy and Cassidy that there was. We had them pose in the gorgeous pine trees that have been in quite a few sessions recently, and are something I now include whenever I have a session at Shelby Farms. Cassidy was taken from a different photo because I do not have the power to go into the photos and get her to pose later. Though I wish I did, wouldn't that be awesome?

Cassidy's terrier blood shown through while we were at Shelby Farms when she spotted some ducks and had to be restrained from entering the water.

So with Cassidy's pose, we had to get a similar one with Rudy.

After the pine trees, we headed to the other side of the lake where we had Rudy pose on this boudler. It took a few tries of placing him up there, but he finally understood what we wanted, and when we used his magic word of "squirrel" on him, he gave us an adorable expression to go with it.

Cassidy didn't want to pose, so we moved on to letting them run around, and she loved that. Even giving some freaky, but hilarious faces while she did so.

Rudy did some running around as well, but I voted to upload this one instead which shows his body, and well just how gorgeous Rudy is.

We then had Mr. Rudy pose next to this tree, which next to Rudy shows you just how big it is.

And then staring at his younger and littler sister who also posed on the tree. Both of them were capable of making that tree look good.

And then the beautiful Cassidy all by herself.

After posing on the tree roots we turned them around and got some photos of Rudy and Cassidy's gorgeous smiles, and they do have some gorgeous smiles.

And then we headed into the woods for a few pictures.

Which included posing them on a picnic bench which Rudy was apparently an old pro at and gave me one of my favorite kind of photos.

And the Cassidy version.

Cassidy loved being in the forest and had to be a typical little terrier and climb on everything. We might not have been able to convince her to get on the boulder (well stay), but she had no problem jumping up on to this log while in the forest.

And as our final photo (I'm so awful with endings...) here's Rudy once we left the woods. His owners dropped leaves from above on him and he looked up and slightly tried to catch them. Absolutely loved this photo of him. Which is why it was last.

Thank you Heather and Jason for giving me the chance to photograph your floppy eared duo. I had a blast and am happy the weather became so awesome for our session after letting us stress for a couple hours before. :)
An Engagement Session
04th December 2013 - 1 comment
So I posted exactly ONE photo of Bodi and Penny on my Facebook page, and that was because I didn't have a whole lot of photos that I could post because Mary and Quinn didn't want their faces all over the public portion of the internet, so the pictures you see here are just the ones with them in the background. I did get pictures where the main subject was in focus. Why was the main subject human? Well I did an engagement session (outside of my norm, I know) with Mary and Quinn and only agreed to do so because Mary promised dogs would be present. She didn't lie. :) Those dogs being the handsome momma's boy Bodi and the treat obsessed Penny. Bodi is the world's leggiest Yorkshire Terrier and Penny is a Dachshund with some adorable dappling that I wasn't expecting when I saw her. Mary and Quinn are very pro Memphis, so we took their pictures down by the river with the pyramid in the background, the river, the bridge, etc. The day we took the pictures there was some rainy weather, but luckily it didn't rain for our session, although it did get darker a little sooner than expected, thankfully we were done with the session by that pint.

I had mentioned on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page, that I would be having a session that required a chalk board, and here that photo is. Bodi didn't like the idea of being so far away from Mary so I allowed him to have his compromise and sit in the background as well. Penny was prepared to rip off Quinn's arm in an attempt to get treats if that was what was required (luckily for him, it wasn't) and was willing to be near the chalkboard.

We then walked over to where the pyramid is visible and unfortunately realized they had begun buiding, luckily from this angle the grasses cover up the ugly privacy fence. This photo also shows off Bodi's legs... or maybe it shows how short Penny is?

And then we headed back, look at that dark sky in the background! I was trying to get a picture of Bodi and Penny running towards me with Quinn and Mary in the background, but Bodi wasn't leaving Mary's side regardless of what I wanted, so I settled for this picture with Miss Penny being the center of attention again. She was happy to oblige.

And then we did some posing on the stairs.

And finally (the picture seen on the Memphis Mutts facebook page) we torturted Penny and Bodi for a bit and dressed them up.

See told you, nice and short. ;) I'll have the rest of this session edited for you soon Mary and Quinn! And hopefully by Friday or so there will be a blog post for the lovely Rudy and Cassidy who I photographed the day after photographing Bodi, Penny, Mary, and Quinn.