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Up and Running
18th May 2012 - 0 comments
My new years resolution was to create this buisness. Like so many resolutions made, it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. I had set the goal of having a website built by March 1st. Unfortunately I have an issue with procrastination unless it involves animals. It was the last week of February and I had finally started pushing myself to get the website built when my friend reminded me of three chow mixes that had been dumped out by his house. We managed to catch two and for two months my life was turned upside down and leaving me unbelievably exhausted as I took care of the pair, who I forgot to mention were staying at a friend's house that I had to run to several times a day so that they could be let out. I had no free time to get anything done, besides MAYBE walk Brittany and Bello before bed. Finally a rescue took the two girls, Paint and Feather, on April 22nd. It was strange not having them around and I had to become reaccustomed to how life used to be before "fostering" two dogs. As I readjusted I remembered my resolution and began building again. So here we are, three months past my original goal, but I can't help but thinking how worth it the detour was. Just thinking about those little girls has gotten me upset because I miss them, all though I know where they are stands a better chance at getting them adopted then I could all alone. They are still with the rescue looking for their forever home, and their brother is still living in the woods in Arlington, TN. I make visits out to see him about twice a month. I make sure the neighbors are still feeding him and just keep working on earning his trust, so that maybe one day I can catch him and find him a home, too.

So how about some pictures of the dogs that helped me procrastinate?

This is Ms. Feather. My friends who helped me earn the chows' trust wanted to name her Fluffy but I vetoed that. She is the most out going of the three and once she learned how amazing being pet was, she would lean on you until you would give in and resume petting her. She got along with other dogs but was protective of Paint which caused a fight or two along the way. Feather was an awesome little girl, and while I was looking for a home for her she recieved the most attention from potential adopters. She took a little while to leash train, and I had to buy a chain leash for her because her first instinct was to chew it. Once she was trained, walking become her favorite activity. And I got the joy of learning to walk with four dogs all at once (Feather and Paint along with Bello and Brittany on a few occasions).

And now onto Ms. Paint. She personally stole my heart. I'm pretty sure she was a chow pit mix. She definitely was terrier. Her first reaction at things was always to bark. She was so smart and so agile I wanted nothing more than to keep her, and my heart still aches that I couldn't. But unfortunately for me, I still live at home, and my mom said no to a third dog. She would be an awesome agility dog, and would do well in a home with another dog because she's a bit clingy. Due to the fact all three dogs were dumped out they all are nervous around strangers which makes them difficult to adopt out. But man, once you had their loyalty you HAD IT. I was allowing Feather and Paint off leash within two weeks after catching them. I STILL can't let Bello offleash after TWO YEARS. I wish her the best in finding a new home. I hope they see the potential in her. <3

And last but not least is the ever elusive Jinx. I tried to catch him, but he is smart and stubborn. I still go out and visit him, and he is always happy to see me, wagging his tail, play bowing, and barking, but yet I can't get near him. On a rare day he will take food from my hand, but I can't count on that to happen every day or even every week. He had a hurt leg when I first started trying to catch the trio, and I'm happy it healed, he also got attacked by something recently, and that has healed up nicely as well. I keep trying to convince him that if he would just get in my car he would be safe from all these bad things, but he doesn't quite believe me. Thanks to an awesome stranger I met on Craigslist she let me borrow a kennel of hers and set it out where he is located with a tarp over it, making a make-shift dog house, and also getting him used to the kennel so that one day when I have a home lined up to take the skittish boy, I can finally catch him. You can't tell in this picture since his mouth was closed but he too had the signature purple tongue which is what led me to believe they were all siblings (as well as all being similar in size and age).

You can contact SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance if you are interested in adopting Feather or Paint. They don't have petfinder pages listed but they are available. I will change this once I get an update if they have been. And if Jinx has caught your eye, you can feel free to contact me, and I can try (yet again) to catch him. Have I mentioned he is elusive? But I have no doubt once he gets the taste of home life he would make an awesome dog just like his sisters.