Brittany- A Purebred Water Terrier
10th August 2012 - 0 comments
Well you know, if a water terrier was a breed. When Brittany first encountered water, I would have never guessed that she would grow up to be the nutcase about water she is today. She was terrified of it. Wouldn't even set foot in it, and then slowly over time she started getting over that fear. Since we were frequent boaters when she was young, and often on the lake, she learned that chasing waves (and catching them) was an amazing rush. She had to be phyiscally restrained if you wanted her to take a break. And then she began to wade in after her humans who had no issue leaving her on shore if she chose to be stubborn and then suddenly, she was swimming. And once she loved swimming there was no going back. She was reborn. Brittany the water dog. Imagine that with like glitter going all over the place. I did anyway. On to a variety of pictures about my nutcase dog. You see, on Saturday my family and I are making the 9 hour drive down to Destin, FL, dogs included. Brittany has been to Florida before (where she nearly got us kicked out of the hotel room for barking, but that's another story for another day), but that was before she was reborn into the nut I call a dog.

Brittany's love affair all started when she would look out across the water too her people which had meanly abandoned her to swim.

And then she realized how amazing it was to run up and down the shore as the waves "crashed" in, or as much as a wave can crash at the lakes in TN. Her tongue lolling shows how crazy she is about it. You have to physically force her to quit.

And then she began to attack waves. Bite bite bite. She'll do this until she throws up. So you know. We now know to stop her after about thirty minutes. Nut case Jack Russel Mix errr purebred Water Terrier.

And not much time had to go past before Brittany decided that swimming was okay. In fact once she started swimming, well that was the end. She was commited to her new life. Which meant fetching. If she went in for a dip, she HAD to bring something back. And if there was nothing to bring back, well then she'd turn around and grab her leash.

She was a water lover by about 2 years old. It wasn't until she was around 6 that she decided that attacking the hose was amazing. It started when I friend decided he was thirsty. She was too, and then for some reason it turned into attacking. Every. Time. We. Turn. It. On.

And well from there... It wasn't much of a leap to an obsession with water balloons.

And then this past year, scratch that, this past month, Brittany decided that she could be a dock dog. She was nervous at first, but then after I dropped her in once, she realized she would live. And with no more encouragement needed, jumped. Over and over and over.

And like any self-respecting dog, she shakes to get the water off, near her favorite human. SHARING THE LOVE.

So expect pictures from this nut (and Bello) from the beach. We are going to struggle keeping her from swallowing too much salt water. But I'm excited. I'm mostly excited to see her having a blast (and Bello). And for those curious, Bello likes water too. But he can't compete with Brittany.

P.S. NO. Brittany does not enjoy bath time. She acts like I'm washing her with death itself.
01st August 2012 - 0 comments
I actually have four cats. I don't mention them because well, I don't reliably take pictures of them. I feel bad about it. I love them to death. But I rarely get inspired to take pictures of them. This could stem from the fact that I have four black cats who all live inside so the possibilities quickly diminish. But Sabastian, the second youngest, got an adventure outside yesterday. They always love going outside, but for their safety don't typically get that reward. But Sabastian did.

After I let him out, he went under the porch. Because I can't reach him from under there and bring him back inside. ;D The fact we can't catch them is why they typically don't come outside. It's a vicious cycle.

Once I convinced him to come out from under the porch, I acted like I was a wildlife photographer. Shhh everyone, its a wild panther. Hiding behind the few blades of grass that are still alive despite the lack of rain.

And then realizing he should play the part, went into stalk mode. But was too far away to even attempt to chase down the birds.

And with a wayward glance he longed to be on the move.

He sniffed around, like any great hunter attempting to determine the best way to go.

And with all that work, he took a break (you can see he is rather over weight. I regulate his food intake, but he counteracts my measures by moving less)

His body reminds me of a weasel. Which reminds me, his nickname is Otter. For those that were curious.

And then he was on the move again. Headed towards the pine needles.

Which turned out to be a fantastic setting, and I have to applaud his choice.

To get his attention, I luckily found a feather. He then took that as his cue to lunge at me like some vicious animal or you know, a cat wanting a feather. ;D

And with a final glance at a daring bird we went back inside. Against his will of course. He wanted to stay outside, but the sweat blinding me convinced me to head back for the great indoors. I love air conditioning.
Slowly Building
04th July 2012 - 0 comments
I've been slowly getting everything necessary to run a business: website, business cards, advertising for my car, Facebook page. Well obviously, if you are here this proves that I have a website. "But what about all that other stuff?!" You call in horror. Well ladies and gents, I have all that too. Please allow me to take you on a magical journey as we discover that I actually have this all done. -small round of applause-

-magical clouds part-
And here is stage one of my business card. Bello is staring on the front. Hoping to get some more printed with Britt on the front. Oh, and that's me holding them.

And Bello is starring with just the front. Took some treats too convince him that the business card wasn’t a foreign alien hell bent on laying eggs in his paw. BUT AFTER THAT. After I convinced him that it was just a small chunk of paper, he became bored. The thanks I get for allowing him to be the star of the card.

And Brittany with the back of the card. She didn’t act like I was an axe murderer when I leaned the card on her paw.

-clouds close in again-
-clouds part again-
A few days later, my window decal came in the mail. I was so excited that I washed the window and immediately tried to put it on. Well my window is concave and I made the stupid decision to try and put it on during this ‘amazing’ 100+ heat. It kept having issues and by the end of it my excitement had died, and I just wanted the stupid thing on.

It turned out well, but if I have any advice for future business owners, get it put on professionally, or at the very least DON’T put it on when it is 100 degrees out.
Brittany demonstrating how NOT to travel with your dog, and she did it by barking, walking around and getting a few more scratches on the car. That’ll teach me to use her as a model. And let me just take this moment to remind everyone please don’t leave your dogs in the car in this heat, even for five minutes or with the windows cracked.

I also finally got a Memphis Mutts Pet Photography Facebook page. And here is the current timeline picture:

To keep up with the adventures a bit better and get the latest pictures, you should definitely go like the Memphis Mutts facebook page:
Wildflowers One Day, Mowed the Next
14th June 2012 - 0 comments
I've been trying to get out and take pictures of Brittany and Bello recently. I very rarely feel inspired enough to take pictures while at home, (though I would LOVE to take pictures in your home ;D ) and this has caused me to go practically all year with very few pictures of the mutts. This sudden urge is working out for the best though, I'm getting more pictures of the hounds, looking at possible locations for future Memphis Mutts clients, and working on Bello's recall in more distracting places than just our neighborhood.

Today's adventure took me to a field across from the post office on Airline Road in Arlington, TN. I considered procrastinating for a day so I could go with a friend, since she also enjoys photography. The only thing that stopped me was that it seems every time I wait, something happens to the flowers (no matter where they are). Boy was I happy I went today. When I pulled up a man was preparing to get on a tractor and begin mowing the field!

So that was one potential place for sessions ruined, but I had already packed up the dogs, kidnapped a different friend, and driven out to Arlington. Luckily the man was nice enough to begin mowing on the opposite side of the field where the flowers weren't as thick. So while he mowed, Bello, Brittany, and I ran around the field. Bello reminded me why we act like vampires during the summer; his coat is simply to thick for the heat and after twenty minutes he was exhausted. Brittany reminded me why her pictures don't primarily take place in flowers. She's too short! But both of them had a blast and I returned home with some tired dogs and awesome pictures.

But I need to quit rambling, ONWARD TO THE PICTURES!

Brittany "smiling" while eating some grass. When I asked her to smile this is not what I intended.

"Hey Brittany can you stay and let me take a picture of you by those flowers?"

"BUT LOOK AT ALL THIS GRASS NEEDING ME TO EAT IT!" She thinks she's a cow. It's the spots that get her confused. Don't tell her that she has the teeth of a carnivore.

Ohh look, short dog with a few flowers making an appearence. Brittany tried to help me by dressing up like a flower... er... getting a petal on her nose.

Now it's time for a couple of my boy. Once he dug himself a nice dirt hole to cool off it was almost impossible to get him moving again, but I managed to get a few of him.

Through the flowers. They were EVERYWHERE. And every once in awhile the flowers jumped in front. But the flowers seemeed to know it wouldn't ruin the picture when they did so.

Up and Running
18th May 2012 - 0 comments
My new years resolution was to create this buisness. Like so many resolutions made, it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. I had set the goal of having a website built by March 1st. Unfortunately I have an issue with procrastination unless it involves animals. It was the last week of February and I had finally started pushing myself to get the website built when my friend reminded me of three chow mixes that had been dumped out by his house. We managed to catch two and for two months my life was turned upside down and leaving me unbelievably exhausted as I took care of the pair, who I forgot to mention were staying at a friend's house that I had to run to several times a day so that they could be let out. I had no free time to get anything done, besides MAYBE walk Brittany and Bello before bed. Finally a rescue took the two girls, Paint and Feather, on April 22nd. It was strange not having them around and I had to become reaccustomed to how life used to be before "fostering" two dogs. As I readjusted I remembered my resolution and began building again. So here we are, three months past my original goal, but I can't help but thinking how worth it the detour was. Just thinking about those little girls has gotten me upset because I miss them, all though I know where they are stands a better chance at getting them adopted then I could all alone. They are still with the rescue looking for their forever home, and their brother is still living in the woods in Arlington, TN. I make visits out to see him about twice a month. I make sure the neighbors are still feeding him and just keep working on earning his trust, so that maybe one day I can catch him and find him a home, too.

So how about some pictures of the dogs that helped me procrastinate?

This is Ms. Feather. My friends who helped me earn the chows' trust wanted to name her Fluffy but I vetoed that. She is the most out going of the three and once she learned how amazing being pet was, she would lean on you until you would give in and resume petting her. She got along with other dogs but was protective of Paint which caused a fight or two along the way. Feather was an awesome little girl, and while I was looking for a home for her she recieved the most attention from potential adopters. She took a little while to leash train, and I had to buy a chain leash for her because her first instinct was to chew it. Once she was trained, walking become her favorite activity. And I got the joy of learning to walk with four dogs all at once (Feather and Paint along with Bello and Brittany on a few occasions).

And now onto Ms. Paint. She personally stole my heart. I'm pretty sure she was a chow pit mix. She definitely was terrier. Her first reaction at things was always to bark. She was so smart and so agile I wanted nothing more than to keep her, and my heart still aches that I couldn't. But unfortunately for me, I still live at home, and my mom said no to a third dog. She would be an awesome agility dog, and would do well in a home with another dog because she's a bit clingy. Due to the fact all three dogs were dumped out they all are nervous around strangers which makes them difficult to adopt out. But man, once you had their loyalty you HAD IT. I was allowing Feather and Paint off leash within two weeks after catching them. I STILL can't let Bello offleash after TWO YEARS. I wish her the best in finding a new home. I hope they see the potential in her. <3

And last but not least is the ever elusive Jinx. I tried to catch him, but he is smart and stubborn. I still go out and visit him, and he is always happy to see me, wagging his tail, play bowing, and barking, but yet I can't get near him. On a rare day he will take food from my hand, but I can't count on that to happen every day or even every week. He had a hurt leg when I first started trying to catch the trio, and I'm happy it healed, he also got attacked by something recently, and that has healed up nicely as well. I keep trying to convince him that if he would just get in my car he would be safe from all these bad things, but he doesn't quite believe me. Thanks to an awesome stranger I met on Craigslist she let me borrow a kennel of hers and set it out where he is located with a tarp over it, making a make-shift dog house, and also getting him used to the kennel so that one day when I have a home lined up to take the skittish boy, I can finally catch him. You can't tell in this picture since his mouth was closed but he too had the signature purple tongue which is what led me to believe they were all siblings (as well as all being similar in size and age).

You can contact SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance if you are interested in adopting Feather or Paint. They don't have petfinder pages listed but they are available. I will change this once I get an update if they have been. And if Jinx has caught your eye, you can feel free to contact me, and I can try (yet again) to catch him. Have I mentioned he is elusive? But I have no doubt once he gets the taste of home life he would make an awesome dog just like his sisters.