Tucker and Bug

11th September 2014
It is time for the blog post in honor of some of my favorite clients ever. Today you will be saying hello to Tucker and Bug. I briefly introduced Tucker and Bug on the Memphis Mutts Facebook page back in May (May!). That was the first time you guys had met this lovely duo of greyhounds, but it was NOT my first time meeting them. I had the pleasure of meeting Tucker and Bug (as well as Darren, which I'm probably spelling wrong) all the way back in March of 2013 when I had a session with another greyhound and a fantastic mutt. THAT fantastic duo would be Richie and Happy. Happy unfortunately passed away in October of 2013 so I didn't get to see her smiling treat loving face when I showed up for my session with Bug and Tucker. I did get to see where her photos are hanging though for her owner to see her face every day. :) I was also excited to see the lovely tan greyhound named Richie when I showed up at his house for this year's session. When I walked in the door I was greeted by five greyhounds, but this session was devoted for Tucker and Bug. Bug was just how I remembered her last year, loving and wanting to be the center of attention. She wasn't happy with last year's arrangement of NOT being the center of attention. Tucker on the other hand was still shy and not a huge fan of me. I still ended up with some great photos of him since pet photography can be hands off if that is what is required to make the dog comfortable (even if I want to pet the dogs! I have to respect what they would prefer to make them comfortable). But enough rambling, I can do more of that with some pictures to break it up...

I thought I would start us off with a photo of both Tucker and Bug, AND a before and after. Because I'm nice! Tucker is the guy in the play bow. He was nervous with me, but as long as I left him alone, he and Bug went into speed demon mode, dashing around the yard. Which for a greyhound is probably considered "leisurely jog around yard," but both dogs are wicked fast despite being older rescue dogs. Breed before age, I suppose. Also, I used the power of the force to move Bug, that gorgeous brindle girl, in midleap in the after photo.

I have various "favorite" breeds of dogs for particular reasons. The greyhound is my favorite in the running category. They are so incredibly fast. Bug was just running around having fun, but she was lapping me so quick that my camera had trouble keeping up. AND I HAVE A FAST CAMERA. Here is Bug wanting me to eat her dust.

And here's Tucker, all tuckered out from dashing around.

As I mentioned, Tucker was nervous around me. He didn't want me petting him, and didn't want to take treats, so I respected that and let him do his thing out in the yard. I used a longer lens so he could be away from me and not have to worry about getting close and stress him out. He was pretty happy with that arrangement. And even gave me an alert expression with both ears up.

I was pretty excited to get both ears up, since I always want alert photos like that, but apparently the "one up, one down" look is Tucker's look. A few seconds later he dropped an ear, and I had the photo for Typical Tucker.

I messed around with getting a few other backgrounds for Tucker. Particularly the lovely brick walls behind him.

And then we went inside for a break since it was hot, and the greyhounds were tired from their running. Bug sprawled out on the carpet, while Tucker went and took a blanket for himself.

After cooling off and chatting for a little while, we headed back outside to get some more photos of the gorgeous Bug, who had kind of missed out while I focused on Tucker. We tortured her by putting some flowers on her. She put up with us quite well.

We convinced Bug to stand in front of the brick wall to mimic the one of Happy from last year. She looked good in front of it. Although, I'm pretty sure Bug looks good in front of anything.

The last shot I'm showing you is of her pretty smile!

Who's Darren you ask? Wondering if I'm going to leave you with a cliff hanger like that? Have no fear, for this blog post that won't be happening. I should get to see Tucker and Bug (and Richie) next year when I -hopefully- go photograph the two remaining greyhounds in the pack, Darren and, the newest edition, Dee. So there's your answer. But to see their pretty mugs, you'll have to meet me back on this website in 2015. ;)

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