Womack's Six Month Old Session

07th September 2013
Tad bit of a weird title, why'd I title it like that? Normally the title is just the name of the awesome pet I got to photograph. But Womack is special. See, he's got the whole six months old in his title as well. Ashley contacted me wanting to do a session with Womack after getting her prints from her session with Winston and Lola. She couldn't decide if she wanted to do the session when he was full grown or at six months old while he was still exerting full puppy charm. I had been tossing around the idea of doing "puppy sessions" for a while now, but wasn't sure how to do it, how to price it, locations, how many photos, etc. I just knew I would like to do three session. The first shortly after the new member of your family comes home, a second a few months later, and the final one when your newest member is full grown. Unfortunately, I missed doing Womack's session when he was really young because the idea wasn't fully formed, just tinges here and there (I suppose it still isn't fully formed). But when Ashley contacted me with her dilemma, I proposed a solution that would benefit both of us. I get a fantastic boxer faced model to work with, and she gets both the sessions she was wanting to do, plus an additional one! So Womack is my experimental dude, as I try to figure out if I like the idea and how well I think it can work. Eventually I will get a price on it, but if you don't see it under my sessions list (a few tabs over), then shoot me an email letting me know you have a new family member, be it cat, dog, horse, etc. And we can work out doing a "puppy session" with your own pet, who knows, if you act now while I'm still in limbo, you could get the session done cheaper than you would otherwise. But for now, I just have Womack, the dude who will be on any advertising I do for this future session addition... I should be seeing him in about three and a half months when he is ten months old, so it's time for everyone's favorite part of blog posts (and the only reason I send you to my blog).

We met at Shelby Farms, and headed over to the pine trees first. You know, while he was dry. And look at that handsome dude!

And we slowly started heading back to the open.

But we had to stop and get pictures of his puppy feet among the roots. He's of course not as out of balance at six months old as he would be at around four months, but still worth taking the picture to see how he changes within the next few months.

And then we attempted to get pictures of Womack's ear, which Ashley told me used to flop over adorably when he was younger, but had upsettingly decided to be normal. While we were in the process of faking it for a picture (which involved gently flicking it so it fell into its "proper" place), Womack decided he had better ideas.

But we succeeded despite his humor!

And Womack's normal boxer-y ears.

And then we gave Womack some free time to just let him have fun and be himself. Which he took full advantage of.

And then it was time for most dogs’ favorite portion of a trip to Shelby Farms, a trip into Pine Lake for some swimming, or in Womack's case, just wading.

Neither Ashley nor I had long enough arms to allow him to go swimming, but he managed to entertain himself (the last three pictures are unfortunately too blurry for print, but to humorous not to post anyway).

Once out, he went into a fit of zoomies and tried to get Ashley's shoe from her, which is when it was revealed to me he was bit of a shoe thief, and a master at hiding them once he has gotten them.

And before we go, here's a before and after of Womack with Ashley, his face was stolen from a different photo (where we were flipping his ears). Don't be fooled, the vast majority of photos do not require this much editing. Though typically there is at least one from every session.

I'LL SEE YOU AT TEN MONTHS OLD WOMACK. I can't wait to see you again. :)

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